Pick Your Poison:

Haunted Mansion of Melville


The Haunted Mansion of Melville has a troubling history surrounding a particular doctor who resides there to this day. After an encounter with a patient who gave him a book of ancient texts, he began to obsess over the passages. They moved him to kill his sister and father, after which he started seeing things on the other side of his walls. These creatures were not of this world. He buried the bodies and vowed never to speak of what he saw again… but one day he would.

The doctor went on to build a machine like the one pictured in the book his patient had given him. Prying at optic nerves and tapping into spinal chords, the machine would gather more energy with each patient’s screen. Eventually, with the energy of the machine, the other-worldly creatures he had seen began to come through the walls. These were creatures that nightmares are made of, with an appetite for blood. Once the creatures killed off all of the local farm workers, the doctor had to create enclosures in the mansion so the creatures would not escape.

That’s how you’ll find the mansion today. The doctor invites his “guests” in for a thrilling experience, and the unsuspecting patrons get something far worse, torn to pieces and fed to the creatures that still lurk in the mansion. All the while, the machine gains energy from their screams, allowing the doctor to open bigger portals for even nastier creatures to pass through into our world.

The doctor is in and bids your welcome. Will you be the next to enter the Haunted Mansion of Melville?

Haunted Nighttime Corn Maze


While walking on the outskirts of the farm late one night, the doctor came to a realization: the corn stalks were moving. He was sure that it was not the corn stalks moving, but the bodies that had been buried there had risen from the dead. They were lurking in the corn, but seemed to be confined to it by some unnatural force. This was the perfect addition to attract tourists to his home, under the guise of a corn maze.

The doctor invites you to see if you can make it through the maze. Just watch out for the corn blowing in the wind, because things aren’t always what they seem.

The Experiment

The doctor of the Haunted Mansion of Melville is seeking test subjects for his new project, The Experiment. Come and bare witness to the experience of a lifetime. The doctor, known for his terrifying operations torturing numerous people for hours on end, has concocted a new form of excruciating pain. He has created a film with supernatural powers that he acquired from another realm.

Upon watching the footage, viewers experience transportation to another world. Many test subjects have entered The Experiment, but few have ever escaped with all their limbs.

Will you be brave enough to enter?


Our haunted attractions are not recommended for children under 8 years of age. For younger children, check out our fall family fun at the farm.

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